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H&H Bail Bond Co., Inc. the Leader in Hot Springs Bail Bonds

As a co-signer for a bond you will be asked to sign a contract and promissory note provided by the agent. By signing this document you will agree to be 100% liable for the person you are bonding.


This includes:

  1. The person appearing at all required court dates set by the court

  2. Upholding any financial agreement made for the bond.

  3. If the defendant fails to appear in court at any time, you will be liable for any and all expense of returning the defendant to the appropriate facility. 


Any collateral pledged will not be released until the final court date has been made and all other expenses (if incurred) have been paid.


Important: If the defendant can not be located within the time the court allows, the bond will be forfeited and you as the co-signer will be liable for the amount forfeited.


For Additional questions or information Call H&H Bail Bond Company and speak to one of our Professional Agents (501) 321-1911

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